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November 09 2017

I bought my first
today. I feel very grown up and accomplished.
Cindy Van Wyk

October 25 2017

Very few things bring me as much joy as opening up a new @moleskine notebook. New possibilities lay ahead in these pages…
Matt Haze

September 15 2017

Literally my @moleskine planner is life, I’m so in love with it, and so happy to have it in my life!
Jordan Chapman

September 14 2017

Recently bought my first proper @moleskine notebook. In an increasingly digital world, it is a beautiful physical thing.
Brian Corcoran

September 05 2017

New month, new @moleskine! So exciting. I have a feeling this one is gonna get filled WAY faster than the Jul-Aug one.
Benjo Bubble

August 31 2017

Adwisdom 1: there’s nothing more fun as a creative person than a simple brief, an empty @Moleskine-arts and a sharp pencil.
Noel Cottrell

August 30 2017

Life is a logistical rat king & my planner is the best rat trap I’ve got. @moleskine #writerslife
Sarah L Yoon
my life always seems more productive when I have a @moleskine with me
Gippy Mae

August 21 2017

There’s nothing quite like a fresh @moleskine 🙌
Deighton Edwards
I just ordered a new
weekly planner and it brings me embarrassing amounts of joy. :D
Fanni Parma
Slightly addicted to these Moleskine notebooks (@moleskine), utterly beautiful objects. No need to write, just stare.
Jonathan Reardon

August 10 2017

Having a
sketchbook has gotten me out of a creative slump❤
Yvonne L. S. 

August 08 2017

Love finally having my life together with my new @moleskine diary 😍✏️📖

July 31 2017

Every morning I write down in my
@moleskine “What great shall I do today?”
I make my list and then go striving for greatness.
JD Sharpe

July 28 2017

I’m curious when I venture to draw in a new @moleskine watercolour sketchbook
Kureiji Kvakva

July 20 2017

If I’m ever on vacation, you’ll find me with a
notebook and a pen at all times.
Rob Tyler

July 19 2017

Each @moleskine a journey.
Liu Zi Yi

July 17 2017

@moleskine, you continue to give me a solid source to pen my creativity in. Thank you for your fantastic notebooks. #ForeverAFan.
There’s nothing more satisfying than filling a notebook with words. ✨@moleskine #writing #magic
Kelly Severseike
Once you use Moleskine notebooks and journals, you can’t use anything else.  @moleskine #truth
Peggie Larsen
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